Bringing together the taste of Asia and the precision Smoking techniques

of the deep south...


Smokin' Lotus was born out of a deep sense of curiosity, a sense that still governs much of its creator's life today. As a child Rosie was fascinated by the food markets in Kunming, China, where she lived for two years. She'd spend countless hours totally immersed watching her mum prepare dinner, and nothing would bring her more joy than helping her dad on the BBQ or making dumplings.  

It's fair to say that the inspiration for Smokin' Lotus comes from some seriously diverse influences; a crazy-mixed up family; Rosie's childhood in China, California and England; and countless months spent backpacking around Asia. As a result, Smokin' Lotus is hard to describe. We think the title that fits best is an Asian Smokehouse.  

Expect succulent cuts of slow smoked meat, accompanied by vibrant Asian sauces and fragrant side salads, spiked with herbs and citrus fruits.

Head Chef and Smokin' Ninja Rosie Chik!